Using a freight exchange can be a very efficient way to optimize your transportation costs and grow your business. When you register your company on a freight exchange system, you open a whole new perspective and increase your chances of being more cost & time-efficient. You are making your own resources available for companies all over the world.

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At the same time, you can benefit from everything other companies registered on the freight exchange system have to offer. You are connected to a large number of businesses from the same branch, therefore you have the opportunity to create many successful partnerships that you normally wouldn't have access to. Try it out and register on a freight exchange now!

A very common issue for a lot of companies, especially the ones that specialize in transportation, often have to face “dead mileage”. Their trucks usually return “home” empty, costing the company a considerable amount of time and money. Using a freight exchange increases your possibility of turning “dead mileage” into “revenue mileage”. Add your own truck on a freight exchange and list it as available to optimize costs.

When carriers and loaders match on a freight exchange platform, removing “dead mileage” is not the only benefit; optimal transportation of goods also means less waste, so the environment also benefits from the use of such a system.

Searching for suitable offers for you company, whether we're talking about goods to transport or available trucks, is usually time consuming. Doing this the tradition way, by making phone calls and sending emails requesting offers can be replaced with just a few click on a good freight exchange platform. Use filters to find the best offers for your company!

Engaging in anything online presents some risks, especially when it comes to payments and business in general. A freight exchange is usually only an intermediary platform for loaders, carriers and freight forwarders, so the extra caution should come from the users themselves.

Here are a few things that you should take into consideration and check for yourself before you engage in any partnership on a freight exchange:

  • You should always check a company's authenticity; companies that have provided documents, such as a certificate of registration or a license for transportation have more credibility;
  • Even if you see the documents and believe they look veridical, you should check the details on an endorsed platform, such as the VIES VAT number validation (for EU companies);
  • Most freight exchange platforms have a rating certification system – companies will most likely have reviews from other users they have interacted with in terms of business. You can use the ratings as further reference for deciding whether or not you want to work with them;

The most serious risks when doing business with the help of a freight exchange are payment failure and load theft. In order to avoid this kind of incidents, you should always check the credibility of a company that you want to work with by making sure the documents provided are veridical and that your agreement with them clearly stipulates what conditions should be met.

In case certain incidents happen, despite taking all the possible security measures, you should report the company that caused the prejudice to the competent authorities. Click here to see the contact details for the Consumer Safety authorities from every EU country.

Carriers should always check if the loader has all the necessary documents for the loads (source of loads, purchase documents), while loaders should see if the carrier has all the necessary documents and licence for transport of the type of goods in question and make sure a valid insurance policy is available.