In a world where the speed of things is very important and must be combined with high responsibility and high quality of services, the freight exchange comes with a solution that combines the three essential things in the transport of goods: punctuality, seriousness and optimal price.

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This solution is represented by the appearance of expedition houses acting as an intermediary between carriers (those who have available trucks) and producers / merchants (those who have goods available for transport).

The expedition house is an active participant on the freight exchange and its role is to manage demand and supply in an optimal manner, so that all participants are satisfied with project management. The mission of the expedition home in a Freight Exchange is to find the right solution for companies that want to transport goods or those who have available trucks.

The expedition house can be any entrepreneur who organizes a transport based on the order of a customer, without himself being the one who carries the goods. This creates a safe and optimal environment to meet demand and supply.

The major advantage of such a participant on the freight exchange is that it has the possibility to solve all the requirements of the carriers / producers. An expedition house must have the ability to combine optimally all the market offerings, regardless of destination (national or international) and regardless of type of goods (building materials, machinery, vehicles, plastics, furniture, etc.).

From the point of view of carriers, the expedition house is a very good business partner, because the available trucks are no longer stationed in the car park and they find very fast goods for available trucks. Also, in most situations, trucks also have goods when they return to their destination and also when they return to the place of loading, so they eliminate one-way drive.

In the case of producers / merchants, the intervention of the expedition house eliminates the possibility that the producer will remain with the goods in the warehouse and ensure its transport in a timely and secure way at the destination. The contract concluded between the three parts is secure and provided with certain clauses for all incidents that may occur during the transport of the cargo.

Looking in the other direction, the disadvantages, the expedition house has a few to be taken into consideration. The first major disadvantage that could prevent collaboration between the forwarding house and the transporters / producers is the commission charged for each shipment. Each expedition house has a certain cost that may be an certain percentage of the value of the merchandise or a fixed amount set by both parties in a contract.

This cost can be easily avoided by registering the company free of charge on a site dedicated for carriers and manufacturers / traders. Such sites do not have any commission and offer you the opportunity to select business partners, which is very important in such a market.

In other words, the possibility of not having any extra cost and adding the routes of the available trucks or the goods to be transported in a free and secure way without any other intermediaries should be taken into consideration.